Liberty Tree Conference

Event Details

Join us September 6–8, 2024 for the inaugural Liberty Tree Conference, a gathering of patriot entrepreneurs at the rustic Wagon Box Inn in Story, Wyoming.

This conference will gather patriots skilled in business, tech, farming, and many other professions and trades to discuss entrepreneurial strategies for restoring American liberty. Come if you have a project that you are working on, a small business that you are running, or if you are simply interested in finding others to collaborate with and building a strong community of entrepreneurs dedicated to the cause of American freedom.

The conference will be lightly structured, containing blocks of work sessions interspersed with short speeches, discussions, and group brainstorming sessions. The programming will be co-created by attendees, meaning that you are encouraged to speak about your business or idea, to lead a discussion, or to propose a topic for debate.

Some sample topics for discussion and entrepreneurial collaboration include:

  • Countering political activism of large corporations through investment and other strategies
  • Building physical places (like the Wagon Box) where liberty-minded people can gather and speak freely
  • Empowering small businesses, farms, and local communities
  • Reforming education and universities
  • Restoring fair elections
  • Organizing and networking local grassroots activists across the nation

The conference name derives from the Liberty Tree, a tree that stood in times of the American Revolution around which patriots would gather to plan and organize resistance against tyranny. We feel that a similar physical meeting ground is necessary today to gather patriots dedicated to restoring American liberty.





Travel Instructions


  • Sheridan County Airport: 30 min. drive to The Wagon Box (Google Map)
  • Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport: 1+ hours (Google Map)
  • Billings-Logan International Airport: 2+ hours (Google Map)
  • Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport: 4+ hours (Google Map)
  • Denver International Airport: 5+ hours (Google Map)


  • Rental cars are available at Billings, Bozeman, and Denver airports (check Kayak for cheaper pricing)
  • Uber and taxi service from Sheridan Airport

Additional Info

Your ticket includes admission, breakfast, dinner, and lodging in a Lodge Room or Tipi (visit the Lodging page for photos).

Registration Info

September 5, 2024
September 8, 2024
Ticket Prices
$300 including admission and lodging (lodge room or tipi)

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