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The Wagon Box hosts events designed to build a cultural crossroad of thoughtful folks in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains.

We host a dynamic schedule of events covering topics ranging from literature, theology, and cryptocurrencies to community building, post-liberal politics, and alternative education projects. We aim to cultivate enduring friendships, foster economic collaboration, and broaden perspectives on philosophy, art, music, craftsmanship, and exploration. Attend an event or contact us to host your own.

A ten-week intensive course in Ancient Greek and training all of the skills that Odysseus used to conquer his world: archery, carpentry, horseback riding, fly fishing, and more.
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A meeting of readers & writers in collaboration with The Other Life
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Second annual Machine & (Human) Nature retreat in collaboration with Doomer Optimism. Discussions include the role of technology, transhumanism, and how to find meaning in the face of the ever-advancing machine.
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