North by Northwest 2024

Event Details

North by Northwest is a literary gathering in the Bighorn Mountains that is a collaboration between the Fraternal Order of the Wagon and the Other Life community. As the host, Wagon welcomes Other Life allies to enjoy our headquarters here in Story, Wyoming. 

Our rustic resort is being curated for just this sort of event. Folks can enjoy the outdoors, with fresh mountain air, horseback riding, hiking, fly fishing, and the indoors, where we have a fairly extensive library, many nooks for reading or writing, typewriters, and no distracting TV screens. Our chief goal, however, is bringing people together, over a good meal, at the bar, on a group walk, around the campfire, for conversation, music, and building friendships in a way that can only occur in person.

Wagon gatherings generally have a theme and light daily structure, and all are welcome to join or to do their own thing. The theme of this gathering is “The Hidden Life.” It is spring in the Bighorns, and in the mud of dead leaves and sticks beside the rushing melted mountain snow green shoots are springing up, we know not how. Despite the scent of decay around us, in institutions, ideas, and in our own lives, life springs up, indeed it is spread out upon the earth, but some do not see it. 

The kingdom of heaven, parallel systems, the anonosphere, cryptids, courageous nobodies: much is hidden behind the decaying façade of the mainstream and Latest Thing, is it full of life? Lots of angles for discussion.

Our days begin with a plunge in the creek followed by the sauna, then morning and afternoon scheduled discussions/presentations. There is usually some music in the evening. A schedule and some of the discussions and topics will be out before the event.

If you have anything you would like to share, particularly relating to the hidden life (what doesn’t?) feel free to connect.





Travel Instructions


  • Sheridan County Airport: 30 minutes (Google Map)
  • Billings-Logan International Airport: 2+ hours (Google Map)
  • Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport: 4+ hours (Google Map)
  • Denver International Airport: 5+ hours (Google Map)


  • Rental cars are available at Billings, Bozeman, and Denver airports (check Kayak for cheaper pricing)
  • Uber and taxi service from Sheridan

Additional Info

Prices from $300-$2000 (lodging & meals included). Children welcome, crèche on site.

Registration Info

May 24, 2024
May 27, 2024
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