Odysseus Academy

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A ten-week intensive course in Ancient Greek.

Weekly virtual lessons: Starting May 18.

In-person sessions:  May 30 - June 2 and July 15-21.

Full cost of course: $7,000.


Full and partial scholarships are available.This includes weekly lessons and one-on-one tutorials with an Oxford Classicist, and will have you reciting Homer from memory by the end of two months.The Greek course is punctuated by two in-person sessions, one as a kick-off and one as a capstone, at the Wagon Box in Story, Wyoming. In addition to honing your linguistic expertise, you will spend your weeks here getting to know your brothers-in-arms and training all of the skills that Odysseus used to conquer his world: archery, carpentry, horseback riding, fly fishing, and more.

Learn more & register: https://odysseusacademy.com/


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May 18, 2024
July 20, 2024
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