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From the rush of the streams to the trails winding through the mountains, every experience is designed to connect you with the peaceful yet wild spirit of Wyoming.

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Things to Do

The property's clear, flowing streams are a haven for fly fishing enthusiasts, while the scenic trails offer horseback riding adventures that provide unique views of Wyoming's vast landscapes. Hikers can explore numerous trails leading through the breathtaking vistas of the Bighorn Mountains, experiencing the beauty and solitude of the wilderness.

After a day filled with outdoor adventures, unwind in our library, indulge in delectable meals at our restaurant, enjoy casual drinks in the tavern, or savor the simplicity of our café, all conveniently situated within a short walk from their lodgings.
Fly Fishing

Our clear, flowing streams are ideal for fly fishing, offering serene environments for both novice and expert anglers to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Venture into the Bighorn Mountains on numerous hiking trails that lead you through stunning vistas, offering both gentle walks and challenging treks to satisfy adventurers of all levels.
Horseback Riding

Experience the landscape on horseback, exploring scenic trails that offer breathtaking views and a unique perspective of Wyoming's natural beauty.
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Explore Wyoming

Things to See

Wyoming is rich in history and natural wonders, and The Wagon Box is perfectly positioned for guests to explore these treasures. Each site and landmark tells a story of the land's past, from the battles that shaped the nation to the natural formations that stand as monuments to the earth's beauty.
Outdoor Exploration

Explore the stunning natural wonders of the Bighorn Mountains, home to majestic peaks, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife. Visit the iconic Devils Tower National Monument and immerse yourself in the beauty of Bighorn Canyon, where towering cliffs and the winding Bighorn River offer breathtaking vistas and recreational opportunities.
Historical Sites

Embark on day trips to see the Little Big Horn Battlefield, Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, and the Crazy Horse Memorial, each offering unique insights into the natural and cultural heritage of the region. Visit places like Fort Phil Kearny, the Wagon Box Fight site, and the Fetterman Massacre location to connect with the history of the American West.
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